"Soli Deo Gloria"

Chaps/BWW/Worth went undefeated winning 6 games total at the "B" World series in Orlando, FL (9/13/13). Click here for the article on SoftballCenter.com and here for more pictures of all the teams at the tournament.

Three players from Chaps//BWW/Worth were awarded 3rd team all-conference at the 2013 Nationwide Conference Awards banquet.
Billy Maggard - 15th among "B" teams, 49th overall OBP of .702
Kyle Wilks - 16th among "B" teams, 55th overall OBP of .696
Justin Stewart - 31st among "B" teams. OBP of .659
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Chaps/BWW/Worth is the top ranked "B" team in the country and ranked 11th overall according to the latest computer ranking.

​2013 Nationwide Conference USSSA Computer Rankings 

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2013 Men's "B" World Champions
Billy Maggard

Co-Defensive MVP's:
Donald Plaisance and Chad Loudon

All-tournament Team:

Kyle Wilks
Jason Williams
Brady Bascle
Steve McLin
Christopher Smith
Mitchell Chappell
"CSI" Chappell & Sons, Inc.
41st Mullet Classic Runner-Up
Tournament MVP:
Donald "Buckshot" Plaisance
(17-22) - .772 Average with 5 HR's
All-Tournament Players:
Donald Plaisance - (17-22) .772 w/ 5 HR's
Mitch Chappell - (15-20) .750 w/ 7 HR's
Brent Chappell - (15-20) .750
CSI went 5-2 in the 41st Mullet Classic, coming up just short with a respectable 2nd place finish. (7/2-7/3)
2016 Southland Park Tournament Runner-Up
Tournament MVP:
Craig Upton
(24-30) - .800 Average with 10 HR's
All-Tournament Players:
Craig Upton - (24-30) - .800 w/ 10 HR's
Clint Harris - (21-27) - .788 w/ 6 HR's
Jody Hodo - (19-25) - .760 w/ 3 HR's
Fernando Goldman - (19-25) - .760 w/ 2 HR's
Ricky Smith - (20-30) - .667 w/ 8 HR's
CSI went 6-2 in the Southland Park Tournament, coming up just short after forcing an "if" game.
Fundraisers for Trooper Keith Cole
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